//about Steel Detailing


Building complex structures is a critical job. Even a minute mistake can cost both time and money to the construction companies. Inaccurate plans, vague building drawings and error delay projects lower the productivity and quality of constructions. Proxedge understands your requirements and brings to you stellar steel detailing services backed with modern technology.We provide client-specific Detailing Automation Services that are tailored and customized to meet the needs of the clients. Our steel detailing services aid the client in streamlining project coordination, reducing delivery times, reducing steel and fabrication costs, and improving overall project quality....


//about Connection Design


Proxedge remains as one single stop for both Connection Design, Stair & Rail Design and Steel detailing services to our clients. Our team is skilled to create and reviewing steel connection designs including bolted and welded that is in accordance with the project's specifications and requirements. We examine, approve and stamp structural steel connection and erection drawings. Proxedge is dedicated to bringing success to our clients by delivering quality connection design services. We deliver an unmatched level of services to several fabricators and contractors across the globe. Our connection design services include minute calculation and detailing to ensure that is the connection layout is safe and economical to erect.....


//about PEMB


We Deliver Computerised Precise PEMB Design And Detailing Services To Our Clients Across The Globe. We Help Accelerate The Construction Process Through Our Designs And Drawings. In Comparison To Traditional Structures, Clients Can Expect Faster Delivery, Easier Compilation, And Overall Greater Convenience With PEMB. Lightweight Materials Ensure Effective Use Of Steel, A Linked Structure Assures Easy Assembly, And Software-Based Designs Ensure Measurement And Resource Optimization.


//about BIM


Proxedge is assisting AEC sectors in putting BIM technology to more enhanced use. Our team of experts have been successfully delivering quality customized BIM services to Architecture, Engineering and Construction firms across the globe. At Proxedge, we ensure that our BIM services encompass all the aspects from architecture, design, layout, structure, interiors, site development and MEPF. We aim to provide reliable and top-quality BIM services to our clients.....