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» Industrial Machinery & Products
» Off Highway Vehicles & Trailers
» Automotive
» Railways
» Food & Packaging


» Mechanical Design services
» Embedded Engineering services
» PLM Services
» IOT & Industry 4.0
» Software product engineering services

LDM (Legacy Data Migration)

Companies migrating to a new software are facing time crunch in dealing with huge data migration. Proxedge provides a smooth and cost effective way to handle the data migration. Proxedge keeps in view all your engineering requirements (standards) and challenges when performing the migration activity.

Type of files handled are:
  • Scanned files
  • Images
  • Pdf files
  • 2D files

Product Design

Companies are trying to overcome slow product design cycles and product development investments to stay ahead in the market. Proxedge has enabled many global corporations to meet their product development objectives with our service portfolio.

  • Concept design
  • 3D Modelling
  • Detail Engineering
  • Engineering change management
  • Re-Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

Companies have more than ever need to meet the client product deliverables. Manufacturing engineering is one bottle neck areawhich would delay the company delivery plans. Proxedge has strong manufacturing engineering team to provide quick and effective solutions. PE services include:

  • Jigs & Fixtures Design & Detailing
  • Tolling Design & Detailing
  • Re-Design of existing Tools / Fixtures

CAD Customization

CAD Automation has become a mandate for many companies to reduce their engineering time by automating their repetitive tasks to increase their productivity. Proxedge has completed more than 20+ projects in CAD customization.

Steps involved in CAD Customization
  • Initial study on the functionality of product
  • Identify critical and non critical parameters
  • GUI creation
  • Integration with existing CAD platform

Engineering Analysis

We have extensive experience in solving critical analytical problems to our clients across

  • Static, Fatigue, Shock and Vibration Analysis
  • Crash & Drop test Analysis
  • CFD –Thermal & Hydraulic flow analysis
  • CFD –Lift & Drag analysis

Technical Publication

Our Technical publication team has gathered more than a decade years of experience serving our clients in providing below services

  • Manual creation
  • Language translation
  • Technical writing
  • E-commerce website Development
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Design Tools:

Most advanced design/3D tools .

Analysis Tools:

Most advanced analysis tools.

Design & Development

We provide end to end embedded software, firmware design & development services to our clients.

Embedded Software
  • Firmware architecture and modelling
  • Real-time embedded application development
  • Interface development
  • Device driver development
  • BSP development
  • Processer/Porting services
  • Digital signal processing algorithms
  • Porting across platforms
Software Skills
  • Language: C, C++ & Assembly languages
  • Hardware Platforms: ADI DSPs, TI DSPs, ARM, PowerPC, Xscale architecture
  • RTOS: Integrity, VDK, DSP OS, Micro C OS and OASYS
  • FPGA: Xilinx (Spartan and Virtex), Actel, Altera

Embedded Hardware

We provide end to end electronic board level design & development with proven capabilities in analog, digital and mixed signal services.

Our Services include
  • Circuit design
  • Schematic
  • PCB design
  • Mechanical enclosure design
  • BOM Optimization and BoM release to fabrication
  • Design & Functional Verification Tests
  • Prototype testing
  • Pre-compliance & Certification test
Expertise in single & multi-core and MCU/CPU/RISC/CISC/FPGA/SoC

Prototype Partner

We assist our clients in batch prototype and rapid prototyping.

Pre-Migration Data Analysis
  • Data clean-up
  • Data Format
  • Data Loading Rules
Data Loading Options
  • Manual Processing
  • EPDM Import and Export Rules
  • Custom Scripts
  • Combination of Manual Processing & Custom Scripting
  • Testing the Migration Process
  • Data Verification
  • Pre-Data Load Planning
  • Production Data Load
What is Industry 4.0?
Industry 4.0 is connecting machines, work pieces, business systems enabling intelligent networks along the entire value chain that can control each other autonomously.
What is IIOT?
Industrial Internet of things (IOT) is the first step towards Industry 4.0 by enabling machines, devices, sensors and people to communicate each other via Internet in making smart decisions without involvement of humans.
For example, the Industrial Internet envisions machines that tell operators how to optimize productivity or detect a failure before it occurs, potentially saving companies billions of dollars a year
How does IIOT help Business?
IIOT is driven through a combination of sensor driven computing, Industrial analytics and intelligent machine applications.
Predictive Maintenance
Asset Management
Inventory Management
Speed, Efficiency & Productivity
Its not all about accessing the data or storing the data, unless the data drives higher efficiency and productivity. Real time data and M2M communication helps in moving the data faster than ever and helping in taking rightly decisions by increasing the efficiency and productivity.
How can we help you in your vision towards IIOT Implementation?
Whether you are an early adopter or taking your first steps towards IIOT, our experiences IIOT specialist and engineers will work closely with you to understand your business processes to determine the best IOT solution to transform your business.

Contact us at to discuss on our IOT case studies and approach for your business solution